Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals
  Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals
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Join Pets Get To Stay for only $69.00 per Listing per Year.

Listings for only $69 per year

Why Join?

Pets Get to Stay is an affordable alternative to these expensive sites that offer thousands of homes, giving you very little chance of being seen.  We offer both SEO and Affordability.

How do you Rank?

On most search Engines we are visible on the 1st Page.   

How Many Photos do I get?

We can add 12 photos to your listing.

Where is the button to add my home? 

You add the home first by going to the button that says Home Owners Information.  You send your information and then someone gets back to you promptly.  We review your home, your photos and make recommendations.  We then list the house and send an email once it’s done. 

How About a Calendar?

You can link a calendar from anywhere!  Or create a free calendar on which we recommend.  It’s easy to use and free!  You simply send us the link for the calendar.  If you need help let us know.

How do Inquiries come in? 

Your inquires come into the site and through the email you would like to use.  We do list your email for clients, nothing is hidden.  Your phone number and email should be visible so clients can send you an email regarding your house. 

How Long Before my listing is live?

Your listing is live usually within 5 business days, however if we receive a check it may take an additional 3 days to clear.  We send you the link the moment it is done.

Property Managers

If you are a property manager or listing company, we can help by giving you a group rate or a direct link from your main page.  That means that if you have homes in Aspen, we can ad an advertisement to our bar on the Aspen page.  That will give client’s the ability to click onto your link and it will take them to your page.  You can also pay for a multiple listing, which is a reduced rate for Property Managers and Professional companies.


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And remember our motto - Happy Pets + Happy Travel = Happy Families

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