Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals
  Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals
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Send us a paymentWe are now accepting Personal & Company Checks & Paypal payments.

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Give us a call

If you need to speak to someone on the phone, please call us at:

305-235-3369 or 866-293-9061

Please note if this is after 7PM EST we will not be in the office to answer calls. Please instead send an email request.  We will attend to every email inquiry the next business day. 

Our hours are 9AM – 7PM EST Monday through Friday
On weekends we do have internet hours of 11-4PM so please send all weekend requests during those times for a quick response. 


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Including your home means that you must allow for pets of some kind in your home.  We are a pet friendly establishment, which includes special pet friendly rules and regulations.  If you have a home that you would love included and you welcome pets, we are happy to have your home reviewed for entry.

Our booking fees and our pet friendly needs prior to having you become a part of our family, will be discussed upon your calling or emailing us for information.  We welcome all homes, big and small, we just need certain things to be perfect for our pet friends.

Have a great day!

PetsGettoStay Family!

Happy Pets + Happy Travel = Happy Family

Call us to Speak with a Pet
Friendly Specialist.
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